$250USD/ Annually


What’s included?

Training Details...

Who is it for ?

Do you want to lose body fat and gain body confidence?

Can’t afford personalised one to one coaching? 

This Self-Paced Coaching is for you. It is personalised and fully customised to you and your goals, including all facets of nutritional prescription, and training, giving you a jaw dropping transformation along with maintaining it and transforming the rest of your life.

As your side-coach, I will help you monitor your progress carefully and help you remain accountable to your goal

*no refunds or exchanges for other services


Are meal plans included?

I will provide you with macro plans and make sure
you are fully equipped to track your intake using the platform

Will it be hard?


This program has to be tough because the glutes are the biggest
muscle in the body. Each glute muscle needs the maximum challenge to grow and develop your dream peach. 

The results will be absolutely epic but only if you’re willing to
throw your hair back and roar like a bear giving birth.

I don’t want to bulk up, will this program still work for me?

Yes.! Whether your goal is to put on size or lose some body fat and get shredded, the program will be tailored to you.

What if I want to build muscle mass?


I always advice to make sure your lean enough first.
By taking this approach, you put your overall health at the forefront. Also,
prioritizing being leaner will allow measures like insulin sensitivity to
improve, which can actually benefit body recomposition over the long run by improving nutrient partitioning.