In Person Coaching


We want to open the hood, dig deeper and figure out how we can create the correct blueprint for your goals to move you forward. Why? I care about progression; I take your success seriously.

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Now that we have the insights into what you need to do to progress, we need to ensure you understand how to move and take each step. Individual coaching is more than coming in to train, it’s about growth, education, guidance and advancing you further than you would alone. It’s about giving you the confidence and support in knowing how to perform movements correctly.


✅ 1 x 45min training session per week
✅ Cardio Protocol
✅ Movement Trouble Shooting: Video Analysis and Feedback
✅ Training Plans: Built with longevity, movement quality and output at the forefront. There is a strong emphasis on learning to move better, getting more efficient, getting stronger and getting as developed as possible.

✅ Set Meal Plans: Customised to the individuals personal needs
✅ Macro Based Plans listing acceptable foods
✅ Supplement Protocol

✅ Weekly check-ins (progress photos, accompanied by a check-in questionnaire for you to turn in each week, followed up with adjustments if/when they are needed)
✅ Constant Support
✅ Private Facebook
✅ No Sugar Coating: Dazz will always be real, open and honest with you, just as she expects you to be with her. there will be no filters, no B.S, no blowing smoke – just straightforward, honest and upfront facts and communication.


1 on 1 Coaching